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A person who loves his work you can see right away, bright eyes and an ardor that draws the face, and Sara and Giulia of the LI.RE.STE. farm are just like that: sunny, strong, always smiling and always on the move, but with their feet firmly anchored to the land and their family's nearly century-old tradition, inextricably linked to their Pezzata Rossa cows.

The farm was founded in 1933, when the first two cows with two heifers arrived in Merlana (a hamlet of Trivignano Udinese), where the farm is still based, which today also has a delightful adjoining store for direct sale on site, in accordance with a "short supply chain" idea with km0 production and sale
Since then there have been four generations of hands, always at work: the cows are raised free-range, they can stretch out in the green fields, and they also enjoy a few months of mountain vacation in the alpine pasture of Malga Prese, near Lake Santa Croce (BL).
A farming idea that is attentive to animal welfare, that encourages quality over quantity, and that since 2016 has also led to the transformation of milk into dairy products with the collaboration of the Latteria Turnaria of Trivignano Udinese, which processes the milk raw every week to keep its nutritional characteristics intact and producing many specialties, from cheeses of different ages and beyond: ricotta, mozzarella, stracchino, caciotta, yogurt, butter... but also meat, and beautiful gift baskets!

Sara and Giulia, with their parents Renzo and Stefania, will welcome you to their farm... a corner of the world made of good things, with the smell of home and the sounds and noises of the courtyard filling the air, the crowing of the rooster and the wagging of the cattleman... Viola's, Brando's, Lapo's and Hector's little feet running lively and Uma and Otta's tail wagging: the next generation, sap and nectar of a great family of farmers.

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